Candid Interview with Super Affiliate “Sugarrae” aka Rae Hoffman

I've known Rae Hoffman, aka Sugarrae, for close to a decade. She's a highly respected SEO and Super Affiliate, a successful consultant, and now the owner of both Outspoken Media and MFE Interactive.

But when I first met Rae she was a one-woman show, running a very successful affiliate-based business from home while raising her three children.

What follows is a very candid and detailed conversation between Rae and I about this evolution of her business, and what her lifestyle is like as a successful Super Affiliate...

Me: Rae, I'm curious what prompted you to make the switch from solo entrepreneur & home office, to consulting and starting two companies?
Was this something you aspired to do from the start?

Rae: It was a tough decision. I first went “corporate punk” with MFE Interactive. About four years or so ago I had an idea for a site that was a bit out of my technical ability to create. I decided to do the site as a cooperative venture with a good friend of mine and the site ended up having a lot of success.

The success of that site, the combination of my site development skills and online marketing skills merged with his technical abilities and business sense led us to decide we should probably make more sites together. So we started MFE. But I was still working solo from an office at home.

As we built more sites and had more success, it became apparent that the only thing “holding us back” was my ability to only work so many hours in a day. My partner suggested we get an office and start hiring.

And honestly? That terrified me.

I liked “answering to no one”, the initial startup fees were going to mean a pay cut for a bit and I’d never managed a company. But, my partner told me he wanted me to read the E-Myth and “think about it.” That book changed my business life.

After I read it, my partner (who owns multiple successful companies) looked at me and said, “Do you want to work 16 hours a day for the rest of your life or do you want to build a company that will eventually allow you to work when you want to and have more success in the long run?”

So I bit the bullet and decided to do it. And I’m glad I did. MFE just celebrated it’s third birthday of being a full fledge business with a staffed office earlier this month. We’ve got about five million page views a month across our network of sites and we continue building new affiliate brands.

I didn’t start Outspoken Media until a few years after MFE went “real world business.” I kind of fell into Outspoken, LOL. My partners in that company, Rhea Drysdale and Lisa Barone, decided they wanted to start and Internet marketing firm but neither had experience building a company from the ground up or the strength I did in SEO and link building (Rhea is an ORM goddess and Lisa is the branding, social media and community building queen).

They came to me hoping I would be who could fill those proverbial holes. After my experience in running MFE, I approached starting Outspoken in a much different manner and with much more confidence. Outspoken was a business curve ball – I didn’t expect it, but once I saw it coming, I decided I was going to swing the hell out of the bat and aim for the stands.

With MFE I was thrown into the water. With Outspoken, I jumped in.

Me: I actually started opposite you. I had a successful web development company with offices and employees back in the 90's. I shut it all down to work from home full time on my own.

I have to admit, I haven't missed the office at all. 😛 I'm curious - what one thing do you enjoy most about running your companies?

Rae: LOL, I’m torn a lot of the time. I love the efficiency and how much I can get done for the companies having a fully staffed office. That said, I still prefer working from home personally. I recently wrote an article on managing employees virtually – but to be honest, most of my virtual management is done due to ME being virtual while the employees are in the office.

I love having physical offices for the companies, and feel they – and the in house staff in them – are needed heavily, but I still feel like I work best – personally - from home. But I also know I’m “needed” in the office, so while I spend a lot of time working from home during the summer when the kids are out of school, during the school year, I like to make it into the office at least three days a week.

Me: Surely there are things you loved about working solo, from home. Looking back at those days, is there anything at all that you miss?

Rae: I miss working “when I feel like it” most. Having a staffed affiliate marketing company means I have people that need things from me in order to get their own jobs done, so I do have people to “answer to” even though I’m “the boss”.

And with Outspoken, clients come with deadlines, which means I have to work at times that might be inconvenient for me. For instance, I had major cosmetic dental surgery last week (27 crowns) and I’ve been in a lot of pain. Back in the day, I simply wouldn’t have worked until I felt better. But, with MFE re-branding and re-launching a new site and Outspoken’s biggest problem being more demand for our work than we can fulfill at the moment (we’re hiring more employees AND opening a new office in Troy, NY simultaneously at the moment), that simply isn’t an option. I’ve built the companies so that I can be absent occasionally, but not “non-existent” if that makes sense.

However, the plus side of having to go into an office means I actually get dressed several days a week... something it’s easy to forget to do when you’re a “bathrober” LOL.

Me: You influenced and inspired me in many ways through our friendship, especially early on when I first took an interest in Affiliate Marketing. It was often in the way of random comments from various conversations that simply stuck with me. If you could pass on "something that sticks" to other aspiring affiliate marketers, what one thing would that be?

Rae: You have to work for it. It’s easy when you hear folks discussing “passive income” to think that means “no work.” But what a lot of people don’t realize is that myself, and many other successful affiliate marketers, put in years and years of sixteen hour days to get to the point of generating significant “passive income” that allow us to work flexible schedules and work our own hours.

Me: On the topic of Affiliate Marketing, you have a few great blog posts I'd love to share with my readers:

How to Survive the Affiliate Revolution

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Had Success With Affiliate Marketing

Creating A Small Niche Affiliate Site

Are there any other posts or tutorials you'd recommend from your archives?

Rae: If someone is interested in affiliate marketing, I’d recommend reading everything in my affiliate marketing category. I try not to write unless I actually have something to say. LOL.

Aside from that, I’m a big evangelist for the Thesis WordPress theme and wish it had existed when I first started with affiliate marketing. I’ve got several tutorials on how to utilize it for affiliate sites. I’m also a big believer in Raven Tools in regards to organizing link development efforts for affiliate sites.

That said, the Affiliate Evolution post you referenced above is probably the post I’m most proud of that I’ve written. Like the Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda post showed, if you follow it, you really can achieve success in affiliate marketing.

Me: In your post almost 3 years ago, about Surviving The Affiliate Evolution, you recommended that serious affiliate marketers incorporate their business and hire in-house staff. What are the main benefits to going this route, versus working from a home office and outsourcing to virtual assistants as necessary?

Rae: I think I get a lot more done in regards to building sites and building revenue. I also think full time employees are a bit more dedicated than freelancers. I think when you work solo, with occasional assistants and freelancers you are limited as far as scale. By opening an office, hiring employees and training them to do things “your way,” I think you open yourself up to a lot more freedom as far as your time once you have everything in place and working smoothly.

I also think competition is getting heavier, and in order to produce sites that will become “brands” you need to arm yourself with the resources to compete. And that means having more than “just me” in my arsenal. 🙂

Me: Thanks a million, Rae! One last question: Are you podcasting? And if not, do you plan to in the near future??

Rae: LOL. I don’t think I have the “voice” for podcasting. However, I am toying with the idea of doing more video work on my blog. I’ve always been a bit self conscious about being on video because I’ve never been happy with my smile. But within the next month, that should change and I think some video blogging may be just the way to celebrate it. 🙂

Me: Awesome - I look forward to your upcoming videos! I'm off to check out your Android Geeks site - I've gone almost completely mobile thanks to my Droid, and I'm always looking for new tips & apps.


I hope you enjoyed this interview/conversation with Rae. I know I did! Check out some of the links and tutorials shared throughout this post - there's a goldmine of help if you dig into Rae's archives...


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  1. Great interview- lots of takeaways. I have absolutely no desire to have an office where I have to be at specific times. Maybe that's a function of having young kids at home. I wonder about Rae's family life- does she have kids? If so, how does she maintain the flexibility in her schedule so she can be available for them?

    Loved the point about passive income not equaling effortless income. I'll be reading more from Sugarrae! Thanks!

    • "If so, how does she maintain the flexibility in her schedule so she can be available for them?"

      To answer that a bit more... I don't always have the time I'd like. I'm like a weird hybrid between an executive and a work at home mom. Conferences and business travel mean I'd leave them more than I'd like (I have an amazing nanny and an amazing fiance that help me out with this) but I also know it is for their present and their future. Their dad is a good guy, but I trump him very much financially, so I have never taken a dime from him and we currently live about 1200 miles away from their dad, so he also has little physical presence, especially in their day to day. At the times when I'm not available for them, I remind myself that their day to day needs and future college tuition are all on me LOL. That same thought also keeps me motivated to make this as big as I can before I essentially "retire" and run things much more passively.

      At the same time, I can still say "I'm not hitting the office today" on most days (conferences, travel and important meetings or launches aside) and run around with them school shopping and getting haircuts.

    • I started out with an office downtown too, but like Rae I had a full staff. That meant someone there to open up and lock up too if necessary. My son was in school and my daughter in a preschool program, so those were set hours that I generally went into the office. Some days I worked from home, sometimes one of the kids was at the office with me.

      It became impossible to maintain both when my son got sick. I say impossible, I often wonder what I would have done if I hadn't had any other choice... but that's when I shut down the office and started working from home so I could home school the kids. I already had a home office, so it was a pretty natural transition.

      Like Rae, as a single mother I've had to juggle the responsibilities here and there. Putting food on the table vs finger painting at the table. I love all the quality time I've had, and have, with my children but I cannot put that above my primary responsibility to them. Even with all the long days I've worked over the years, I've had far more time and fun with my children than I would have as a single mother with two jobs and night school (which is exactly where I would have been without my online career -ack!).

  2. Absolutely loved the Q & A with Rae. I don't know how she does it all. Can't wait to go read the blog posts. I can always use more inspiration!

    • Some days? With a very messy house... and recently, also with the help of my amazing fiance.

    • I'm with you, Angie - but I'm glad to hear it's not all done perfectly down to a super neat home. LOL 😀 I have to say, it's been great to be at the point where I can outsource *that* (!). There are days now that I feel tired, and I wonder how I did it all when I *was* doing my own lawn and floors AND the kids were younger. Geez!

  3. Sharon McMillan says

    For those of us with many years in a corporate environment we'll likely bring "home" enough structure to be productive 🙂 Great interview Lynn - Rae's business growth was very interesting and motivational!

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Sharon - I got a lot out of it myself! This conversation was long overdue 😉 Thanks for letting me share it publicly, Rae!

    • Purushyottam Ghosh says

      I agree. The interview is very eye-opening and inspiring. Now I know where I lag behind the "gurus"-I gotta start outsourcing stuff 🙂 Thanks for posting the interview, Lynn. 🙂

  4. @Lain

    "But when I first met Rae she was a one-woman show, running a very successful affiliate-based business from home while raising her three children."

    Yep, three munchkins... 13, 10 and 6... the youngest was three when I opened the office.

  5. Rae is a treasure to both the affiliate & SEO community along with being a quality person & mother that I consider a friend.

    Congratulations to her for all her success and recent engagement to Sean Dolan.

    As well for converting my baby, GoogleAndBlog, to AndGeeks.


    I am assuming when you say Droid you mean the original Droid from Verizon last year...How do you like Froyo Android 2.2 and running FLASH on it now?

    • LOL, thanks Michael - looking forward to the new site.

    • Ditto on the congrats. You deserve it, Rae!

      Michael - I have the original Motorola Droid and just got the Froyo update a couple of weeks ago. So far I love it, although I had no complaints with my Droid before the update. I can practically manage my entire biz from my back pocket since "going droid".

      You'll laugh, but one of my favorite features from the update is the screen when it's in the media dock. I use it as an alarm clock, and it was always (way) too bright before, even on dim!

      The flash thing wasn't that big of a deal to me personally, but my fellow surfs major news & sports sites so it's made a big difference to him.

  6. Thanks for this interview. Very helpful information here~!

  7. Thanks for the interview, Lynn and Rae. Rae has been an inspiration on me for awhile now. I definitely appreciate the quality of her writing and her brutal honesty.

  8. It's a lot of hard work at the beginning. Currently I am doing the whole home office solo thing and although I earn big cash it still is tons of work (yeah +15 h a day). My friends and family just don't get it.

    Sure I work a lot at the moment but I really like it and isn't that what it is all about. People with normal jobs kinda are annoyed by the way I live life...

    Very interesting interview though I can't see myself getting back in the office thingy 😀

    • My friends and family just don’t get it.

      I'm right there with you, Alex. Although I'm doing fine, paying the bills and all. I'm still in the process of building the type of business that I want long-term, and getting there sooner rather than later takes a ton of work.

    • Yeah, I remember the days of my family thinking I "played on the computer all day"... when I got divorced in 05, my aunt looked at me (I'd been a successful affiliate for about five+ years at this point) and said "how will you pay your bills?" [headdesk]

    • I don't think they'll ever get it. This is my 14th year in business, and people say "so... are you still doing the internet thing?" all the time. As if I'd stop? LOL. Seriously.

      It makes me want to turn it around and say "Yeah, what about you - still working at a job you hate, more hours than you'd like, for less money than you prefer to live on?"

      (Harsh, but no less insulting)

      • I hate it when people ask "Are you still doing that thing or did you finally go get a job?" Some days it takes all my will power not to punch someone in the face 😉

  9. Diana Walker says

    I really enjoyed reading through this post, Lynn, and learning more about you, Rae. You both deserve such admiration for being Moms and achieving such great online success, and I continue to learn from interviews like this, and to be inspired.

    I had 25 years of corporate business world (and actually loved that at the time) but now my goal is to earn money working from home, and Affiliate marketing is a large part of it, so this is very encouraging, to hear your story. Thanks! Diana

    • It IS encouraging, Diana - for me too. I don't think I would have kept going this strong for this long if I didn't KNOW there were others out there doing it, and doing exceptionally well at it.

      There are a lot more out there too. I love reading Affiliate Summit's magazine (FeedFront I believe) and all the awesome stories from super affiliates.

  10. Karyn Krause Amore says

    I really appreciate this article. I'm at the beginning of starting new internet businesses from home while my husband runs his own business from home too, still working full time for UC Berkeley and raising two young boys (6 & 8). A lot of the time it feels like too much, but when I read inspiring stories like this one, know that we'll make it if we persist, focus and follow experts like Lynn and Rae. I also invested in the first Ultimate Internet Boot Camp taught by Alex Mandossian and T. Harv Eker. Alex mentioned Lynn's success and showed her site in our week of SEO training. My current site is aimed at helping others increase their cash flow online and offline by finding truly worthwhile opportunities to review. I am also personally involved with a great company and a powerful entrepreneur's group generating cash for financial freedom. I'm at the very beginning of this adventure and am looking for solid affiliates.

    • Totally understand. When I started, I had my oldest son, who is severely multiply handicapped, and was pregnant with my second. I was running an online support group full time and then within three years, I was pregnant with my youngest son. It's a tough juggle. There were many days that my house and personal appearance never made it onto the day's todo list LOL.

      • Karyn Krause Amore says

        Part of the dream is not to have to leave the house:) unless I choose to. I made the choice not to wear make-up or have a complicated hair style so I just have to get dressed and zip out the door... But with two boys something always comes up. Part of realizing we are truly SUPER WOMEN!

    • I don't know what you're talking about, Rae. I look fabulous every single day, right down to my heels & lipstick. 😛 (you know better haha)

      I understand that too. It was all completely overwhelming to me at one point, even. But I have no regrets. Not a single one.

      • p.s. How did you like the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp? I had heard of the mention by Alex - very nice. I was flattered. 🙂

        • Karyn Krause Amore says

          It rocked, Lynn. I was utterly and totally blown away by the thoughtfulness and prep the team put in. Now the challenge and fun is to keep up and make something solid with all the tools I've got. You and Rae are inspirations. My friend Amy Ray sent me to your site and then when Alex mentioned you at UIBC, I knew exactly who he was praising. I have all the more respect now that I see that even with all the tools in hand, it still takes true commitment to build a successful online business. Would you be open to doing an interview for my blog, Lynn?

  11. Annie Binns says

    Thanks for doing this interview, Lynn! I've been a Rae follower and fangirl for a long time but to be honest she always scared the shit out of me. This is the first time I've been able to realize that she's just a regular person who wants the same from her life as the rest of us. Well, a regular person who is wicked smart and driven. 🙂 I really appreciate that you shared a side of her that I hadn't seen before.

    And yes, she did convince me to buy Thesis and I wish she would do more tutorials (hint, hint).

  12. Justin Brooke says

    wow what an amazing blog post filled with links to even more amazing blog posts!

    I'd never heard of Rae before and I think I just fell in love.

    Lynn your awesomeness is never ending!

    • Sean Dolan says

      "congratulations on her recent engagement" [clears throat] #taken 😉

      • LOL Sean - Justin is married 😛 But while I have you on the line, you must be one helluva man to take on a woman like Rae. I admire that. A lot.

        • Justin Brooke says

          If it's one thing i'm great at it's definitely chewing on my feet!

          Wish you both the best Sean... Meant I was in love with her content.

          (BTW the double comment thing was an accident Lynn, feel free to delete the first one, I like the second better)

        • Sean Dolan says

          Thank you Lynn! Rae *raved* about what a genuine person you are, describing how you stand out with such great contrast from the sleezballs in our industry. 😀

  13. Justin Brooke says

    Wow what a killer blog post filled with links to more killer blog posts! Never heard of Rae before but am a fan of Lisa Barone, now also a fan of Rae.

    Question, whats your thoughts on running an affiliate business purely through email marketing? Not enough? Need the blog??

  14. Rae is kinda like Lynn on steroids....

    • LOL... I love Lynn. I remember when she made the move into her house. She was so excited, but stressed, but she did what Lynn does... thought positively and worked hard. I've always admired her closeness and relationships with her children as well. I hope when my kids are their age, we have the same kind of relationship Lynn does with her kids.

      • You will - and you'll love it 😉

        Excited and stressed is an understatement. The idea of settling down and buying this house scared me to death lol. For a number of very real reasons, that all seem a little silly to me now. I love it here. 😀

  15. Gosh, I remember hanging out with Rae online way back in 2001 when I was also getting started. I was pretty convinced that Rae's day had more hours in it than mine from the very beginning.

    • Ha! I was just telling Sean about those old school chats two days ago... I miss you guys! We all got so busy.

      • Every Wednesday night for at least a whole year we did that! It's a shame what that "place" has become these days, it was such a valuable resource back then and nowadays it's just junk 🙁

    • I often think of the people I met on my very first email discussion list (remember those??) back in the 90's. It'd be awesome to have a reunion and catch up with everyone from those early forums...

      • LOL I remember the old discussion email lists and having an inbox full of stuff that people hit "reply all" on and the email would be a million miles long because they included all the previous replies with each reply. Thank goodness message boards came around!

  16. Great piece! But you should fix the line that has "... I would be what would be who could ..." (Feel free to erase this comment.)

  17. Trish Lindemood says

    Thanks for the introduction to Rae - will definitely head over and check out the recommended reading. (I have been using Thesis for over a year now and love it, too - so was pleased to see that Rae is a big fan, as well).

    I've had a lot of conversations recently about growth and scale and outsourcing...and figuring out how big is big enough.(Frankly, I have a hard time letting go - especially when it comes to the content creation aspect of running an online business).

    Reading about Rae's evolution from the freedom and flexibility of working from home to creating a real off-line business (complete with office, employees... and tons of responsibility) made my heart race - and not in a good way. (The thought of taking all that on is really overwhelming to me).

    It drove home that this particular path isn't for me (at this time of my life). Right now, my focus is on simplifying and enjoying what I do each day... and working from home as a solopreneur fits the bill nicely.

    However, I am in awe of what Rae has accomplished and look forward to reading more of what she has to say! 🙂

    • I think that's important, Trish. We all have to follow the path that IS right for us, not just what we see others doing. The great thing about being an entrepreneur - and particularly working online - are the options, the freedom and the flexibility. Knowing what you don't want is just as important as knowing what you do want. 😉

  18. Patty Gale says

    Great interview, Lynn & Rae. Rae, back in April, I was visiting my parents, showed them your websites and told them your story about how you got started.

    They're both retired from the corporate 9-5 and are just getting started in affiliate marketing. They loved your story and it really inspired them to keep moving forward.

    Thanks for all you do!

  19. thomas cook says

    lynn,it is great you offer insight from experienced people,,i will be joining your elite group and have alot to learn,,i am currently reading dan theis report you had online and getting ready to get knee deep in the elite group,,,,i am not realy sure what the affiiate marketer does completely,,,but i would like to have my site promote products i feel are good in my industry,,,,hopefully the group will not get bored with my questions,,,again thanks tom cook

  20. Great interview, Lynn! Thanks, Rae, for sharing a bit what it's like to run your affiliate business. With all the links shared above, looks like I've got some extra reading to do. 🙂


  21. After studying some of Rae's posts and websites my brain has gone POOOMF and now I have to go absorb it...after I get over being so excited. thx s'much~!

  22. What a great interview. I now have a bunch of reading to do today! All these great articles!

  23. Simply inspiring Rae. You have really taken it to the next level.

  24. I particularly liked this line, You have to work for it. There's no hype to it and it's all truth. There are a lot out there who say you can be rich in a few hours, some even say in just a few minutes! But, in blogging, you really should work and work hard.

  25. Dennis Winn says

    Not only a great interview, but great dialogue in the comments section as well! Rae I found it interesting how you took the IM model into more of a brick and mortar business. I think a lot of people assume that all internet marketers work from home but that just doesn't work for everyone! Great post Lynn and great conversation as usual!

  26. Bryce Woodard says

    I have the E-Myth tape set. yeah I bought it a long time ago. It is an awesome course. I'm still fairly new to online and affiliate marketing. I feel i need a little more personal hands on knowledge before outsourcing certain things. I know eventually I don't want to be doing 5 to ten dollar an hour tasks when i can have others do it.

    I built several spec homes back when real estate was doing better and I didn't have any issues outsourcing the work, but I'm struggling with my online stuff, because I think I need the knowledge.

    • I think you definitely should at least try everything you nee to outsource when possible. One of the advantages it gives you is that you know how long it takes to do all the tasks you're outsourcing because you've BTDT yourself.

  27. Thanks for a great post Lynn and great resources. Thank you Rae for sharing your experiences, in the interview and here with your comments. As a single mother I know very well just how you feel in many areas.

    I do quite well myself and enjoy the freedom of working from home and setting my own hours. LOL I know what you mean about not always having the home perfectly clean and carrying on anyway.

    I love being clean and organized and generally put time aside for that (as well as actually folding the laundry as opposed pulling it out of the clean clothes basket)...

    ut "hiring" a staff or "outsourcing" even the yard work or house keeping could be considered "expanding" your business if you work from home right Rae?

    To Bryce; Keep going, with time and experience and a push the knowledge will come. You're in the right place, Lynn's blog and forums are a perfect place to get knowledge!

    Gotta go check out this E-Myth thing now. Thanks all!

  28. I have been following outspoken media's blog for a while now, and I must say they really do share a lot of good stuffs there. Upon reading this entry, I just realized that many of the most well recognized bloggers, affiliate marketers, SEOs and internet marketers are turning to video blogging. I find that field sort of scary for now, not really, but it's intimidating in a way that it might not convert if you're not really that good enough with live sales pitching.

    But anyway, learned and realized something new today.


  29. Rae/Lynn,

    I appreciate that both of you revealed the truth when it comes to outsourcing. Lately, there's been a lot of products coming out as if this is the way to the internet lifestyle and the 4-Hour work week. Obviously, there's more to it than meets the eye. At the same time, I'm glad you opened my eyes to a way to scale my affiliate marketing business when I get to that point. Right now I still have a 9 to 5, so hiring staff is the last thing that sounds attractive to me. But just like for Sugarre things change!

  30. This really is inspiring stuff. I'm just getting my sister into this business and she's doubtful she'll be able to do it on her own so I'll be showing her this interview and hopefully getting her as excited and motivated as I am after reading that!

  31. What a fantastic interview. It's lovely hearing about happy bloggers moving from passion to income. I've had a look around a couple of the links - the SugarRae site, and the link to 'shoulda woulda coulda' was really useful. I'd love to do the same sort of thing - I suspect most people would - and the twitter case study's really useful. Thanks for writing coherently about this stuff.

  32. "You have to work for it. It’s easy when you hear folks discussing “passive income” to think that means “no work.” But what a lot of people don’t realize is that myself, and many other successful affiliate marketers, put in years and years of sixteen hour days to get to the point of generating significant “passive income” that allow us to work flexible schedules and work our own hours."

    Couldn't agree more. I'm currently in that process, but it's DEFINITELY going to be worth it.

    I’m 25, and everyone else I know is looking for a high paying job with good benefits. They have more immediate reward than me (I’m stuck in a dead end job while I get my business going—the price you pay for dropping out of school to start a business) but in the end it’s going to be worth it.

    I’d much rather work harder in the beginning and have freedom down the road then be tied to a job for the rest of my life. That way I have options. Thanks for the great interview, Lynn

    • Josh, you're absolutely right and kudos to you! In the end, it will absolutely be worth it and your friends will be asking you to teach them how to do what you do.

      While we can't live without money, more importantly, this is about lifestyle, freedom and creating our own security without having to depend on anyone else or a j.o.b.

  33. I'm not sure why my comment didn't register last night, but I really enjoyed Rae's site. I spent many hours reading her posts.

  34. I absolutely love hearing success stories, especially when it comes to making money using the internet. Kudos on the success Rae and nice interview Lynn. Well done

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