9 Quirky Things About Me…

The members of my Private Brainstorming Group are hosting a fun meme, started by Missy (aka chickblogger) at G34Media.

They've talked me into participating, so you get to learn 9 quirky things about me.

It's been two years since the 25 Random Things meme, so it's definitely time for an update...

1. I can't stand to be tucked into a bed. The first thing I do in a hotel is untuck the sheet and comforter from the end of the bed. I don't even use a top sheet at home.

2. My very first pet... was a great dane. Go big, right? πŸ™‚

3. I don't like wearing shoes. I often wear slip-ons or open-toed shoes (year round) and slip them off at first opportunity - no matter where I am.

4. I brush my teeth incessantly. Up to 7 times a day even.
(I carry a toothbrush *everywhere* I go.)

5. I don't change light bulbs.

6. I prefer mens pajama pants. They're just made better. And I wear them more often than jeans.

7. I love ice chips in my ice cream, like the old hand dipped cones I'd get downtown as a kid.

8. I never miss my morning quiet time, even if that means I have to get up at 4am to enjoy it before early plans that day. Same goes for my afternoon nap - no matter what has to be rearranged to make it happen.

9. I love Valentine's Day, above all other holidays. This year marks the 10th V-day I have celebrated it the way I do, and I am really looking forward to it!

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  1. 9 Quirky Things About Me

    1) I always wanted to be an actor. When on a trip to Los Angeles as a kid, I ripped out the Yellow Pages listing of Hollywood agents and wrote several of them asking how to become an actor. Never heard back from any of them!

    2) I did succeed as a part-time actor and model. I was in magazine ads for Compuserve, was seen briefly as an extra in the movie "Mo Money," played a carjacker who shoots a Mom in the TV show "Tough Target" and was the TV Santa for Carson's, Bergner's and Boston Store for a couple of years.

    3) I believe I invented the term the local reference "GEO" with respect to Search Engine Optimization.

    4) I invented "Movie Time Email" for a Chicago movie theater chain. Every time I see AMC or someone else sending weekly emails of showtimes, I wish I had patented that idea! LOL

    5) I worked in radio for nearly 25 years, including major market stations in Chicago, Cincinnati and Milwaukee. I was one of the voices of "The Wave" format, delivered by satellite.

    6) My company's name, Web Asylum, came from an anagram generator. My buddy, Ron, and I can't remember what we put in to get those words (Plus "Angela" as I recall) but we liked the idea of 'asylum' meaning safe harbor.

    7) I am great at keeping secrets. "Don't say anything to anyone" means don't say anything to anyone. My wife was pissed that she didn't know a close friend was going thru a divorce for over a year. If she only knew about another other couple that...Sorry, can't say anything more! πŸ™‚

    8) I don't like to brag. Sharing #3 and #4 with you is against my nature. I wasn't sure I wanted to list 9 quirky things about me either, but I think it will me fun!

    9) One of my pet peeves is people using "your" when they should use "you're."

    Nice crown, Lynn!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, Lynn! πŸ™‚

    Two comments. I wish I had the habit (compulsion?) #4.

    I think you would enjoy it in Finland, because we don't were shoes indoors. Even guests are supposed to take away their shoes when they visit. (Well, at the moment it wouldn't be such a good idea to wear open-toe shoes otdoors, it's -4 Fahrenheit)

    • Thank you - I had a really nice day yesterday πŸ˜€ Hope you did as well! Finland sounds lovely. Hopefully I'll get an opportunity to visit someday... when it's warmer! lol

  3. Ha! Love your quirky meme, glad you participated. You must go through an awful lot of toothpaste. Now we know what to get you for your b-day or Christmas. lol.

    A giant (Sam's Club sized) tube of toothpaste!

  4. Great insight to the 'rock and roll' lifestyle of the internet marketer Lynn - but what is the problem with light bulbs?

    • LOL - No problem, just a quirk. If it bothered me, I suppose I would change them. I once blew the fuse that lit one whole side of the house... and it stayed like that for about 6 weeks. My poor son had to rearrange his bedroom to put his desk & electronics on the other side of the room (that was still hot). I didn't really think it was that big a deal πŸ˜›

      You'd think we'd be sitting in the dark by now, but the light bulb fairy is on the task I guess. I'm pretty sure my son is the secret bulb changer... πŸ˜‰

  5. Um Lynn, I do the same with the toothbrush. Be careful about gum recession or you'll be long in the tooth before you're long in the tooth. From someone who's long in the tooth because I didn't listen to my dentist πŸ˜‰

  6. Scott Tousignant says

    1) I eat one food off my plate before moving onto another food item on my plate.

    2) I still have a fear of basements when the lights are off.

    3) I need a few hours of alone time on Sundays. (usually spent watching football, a movie, or playing video games)

    4) I never fast forward through the previews when watching a movie.

    5) It's impossible for me to workout without headphones on

    6) I love the zoo

    7) I prefer to be one of the last people that boards a plane

    8) I feel sexy when I mow the lawn with my shirt off

    9) I talk about my cat just as often as my kids

    Very cute post Lynn. Thanks for sharing. By the way... I thought about you while Angie and I had sushi today πŸ˜‰

    I love taking Epsom Salts baths

    • Yum! I am due a good sushi date with my daughter. Thanks for the reminder! Your list was fun πŸ˜€ I eat a little of everything on my plate at the same time, and often mix things.

  7. ShariLee

    Whoa! This stuff could definitely follow you around!! Ha, Ha, here goes:
    1. I have to have trees around my house--and especially as a view from where I am working.
    2. I LOVE Chick Fil A Ice Cream cones and have been known to run out at the last minute, before 10pm, and buy two: one to eat and one to go, which I always hope they think is for someone else.
    3. I work in my PJs all the time--especially in the winter, and I also go barefoot most of the time.
    4. I have to go walking early in the morning or late at night to pray.
    5. I often time travel back to my childhood when I am with my grandchildren--but a few weekends ago--I found the trampoline to be a bit much.
    6. I am still close to my high school friends, and we all go out of our way to get together no mater what state we live in.
    7. I loved being a Mom while my kids were growing up, and I still do--when they will let me! :))
    8. I do more things-than-not just like my mother and paternal grandmother.
    9. I absolutely LOVE being a greeter at my church, and I leave there with an awesome HI every time I get to do it!

    Follow me @BloggingAlong on Twitter

  8. What fun! I love learning this kind of stuff about you guys.

    Here are mine.

    1. I hate shoes too and out of the 100 or so pairs that I own only about 8 have a closed toe. My feet want to be free!

    2. I make my bed everyday before leaving my bedroom in the morning.

    3. I don't like the food on my plate to touch.

    4. I love sit in a sidewalk cafe and people watch. I think it's fun to try to guess who they are and what they are doing.

    5. People say I drive like an old lady. I don't think so and I've driven for 38 years without an accident and only two tickets ever (both were for speeding).

    6. Although I am not a packrat and am somewhat of a minimalist, I can't throw out a magazine! I subscribe to over 20 magazines and just can't throw them out after I have read them. I sometimes drop them off in hospital emergency waiting rooms, or donate them to women's shelters in order to justify getting rid of them.

    7. Brussel sprouts are one of my favorite vegetables.

    8. I can't stand reality TV!

    9. The spices in my spice cupboard are in alphabetical order.

    Now that it's all in writing, I guess I am a bit quirky! Who knew?

  9. Dan Reinhold says

    You people are sooooo weird...

    Thank you! I feel better already!!


  10. That's mine... it didn't show my name! πŸ™‚

    • Hi, Lain:

      I tried leaving a comment on your entry, but was a no go with Discuss. Tried and tried, but wouldn't go through.

  11. Allen Walker says

    I don't like wearing shoes either. πŸ˜›

    That's why I don't like the winter... You have to wear shoes. πŸ™

    • You don't *have* to - LOL.

      When we were at the dr recently one of the nurses or assistants fussed at my daughter for having on flip-flops in freezing weather. Nevermind the pajama pants, or the fact that she rolled out of bed and came straight in like she was (she had a nasty case of strep). I just rolled my eyes. Like you get Strep from going barefoot. Seriously. πŸ˜›

  12. Fun stuff. Here's mine.

    1. I don't like to go barefoot. Not even as a kid.
    2. I am not crazy about wearing blue jeans unless they are super comfortable.
    3. I love to sneeze.
    4. I don't like being told what to do πŸ˜€
    5. I installed an alternator in our car once - an AMC Hornet - when we lived in Alaska.
    6. I walked a marathon with my son last fall (26.3 miles) with only two days of training. Our marathon was not an organized event. It was just the two of us walking from Herndon, VA to Washington DC.
    7. I had my own Calligraphy business for several years.
    8. I can recite the alphabet backward just as fast as you can say it forward.
    9. I love reading non-fiction. When I was in high school, I forced myself to read a Nancy Drew Mystery. That was one of my last fiction books.

  13. Quirky - hmmmm

    Well ... I'd have to subscribe to the 'no shoes' thing also.

    I also tend to work in my 'underwear'(t-shirt and boxers) if I'm not expecting anyone to 'visit'. Just like all those ads touting "make money in your underwear!" Works for me! LOL

    And that's all I'm telling ... heh heh

  14. Angie Newton says

    The sheets must be tucked in for me.

    As I was reading these to Kev, I told him that the nap thing is definitely not optional at your house LOL

    This has been fun, I linked to mine above.

  15. Laura | affiliate marketing training says

    My list is up at http://skipthescams.com/2011/02/9-quirky-things-about-me/

    This was fun. We IMers are definitely quirky. In a good way. πŸ™‚

  16. Dan Reinhold says

    I'm thinking I need more quirks, or maybe I just ignore them too well.

    Or maybe my wife has enough for both of us. But that's another post...


  17. Dan Reinhold says
  18. Just commented on yours. I'm a total celery hater ewwwww

  19. Can you brush my teeth a couple of times because I hate it?

  20. My blogs are in identity crisis right now, so I'll go ahead and share my quirkiness here...

    1. I'm barefoot more than 90% of the time, even in the winter. (What is it with our group and shoes?)

    2. I've been in a relationship with my husband more than half my life, since I was a teenager, AND we met on a blind date. (maybe that should be two things LOL)

    3. I've had grey hair since I was 12 years old - which is exactly when I discovered the fun of hair color in a box.

    4. I never wanted a "wedding" so we told everyone we were going away for the weekend to visit the Bloomsburg Fair, we got married and bought rings at the fair that same day for $2 a piece from a distributor in the auxiliary building - my best friend punched me so hard two weeks later when she found out that I had a bruise on my left arm for a month.

    5. I don't like roses. Not that they aren't pretty, just don't give them to me.

    6. I dropped out of college - twice.

    7. I have what some might consider an unusual addiction to Dr. Pepper.

    8. I require there to be a green pen on my desk at all times. GREEN!

    9. I don't know how to ride a bicycle, but my kids all do. I didn't teach them - my oldest taught himself in less than an hour and then taught his brothers.

  21. Sorry to chime in late, but I am curious... Do you not like the texture of light bulbs or what? What if one burns out and you will be alone for the next month?

    Did you ever reveal how you like to spend your Valentine's Day? You got me kind of curious.

    My #1 Quirk: I can't backtrack. Even if I make a wrong turn and I know it would be better to turn around... can't do it. Weird huh?

  22. I'll post this on my blog, too, with a link. What fun!

    Here's mine.

    1. I am deathly afraid of crossing over railroad tracks..LOVE to ride in a train, just can't cross the tracks.. weird, I know.

    2. Toilet Paper has to be over, not under.

    3. It drives me CRAZY when the closet doors are not closed completely. My family loves to drive me nuts by leaving them slightly open.

    4. I am terrible at rolling up the toothpaste.

    5. When I dry my hair, I have to start on the left side first.. always.

    6. When I go out for a run, I always have to finish the run in exactly the same spot that I started.. otherwise I don't feel like I completed the run.

    7. I rarely wear makeup... hate it.

    8. I'm definitely barefoot most of the time, too. (What is it about the feet?) When I do wear shoes, it's usually running shoes when out for a run, hiking boots in the winter and flip-flops in summer.

    9. I don't know how quirky this is, but when I was in high school, I wanted to be a jockey... yes, the kind that races horses. My dad said no way.

    That's it!

  23. We share a quirk in #3, Lynn! I am not a fan of shoes whatsoever. I'm always slipping my shoes off underneath my desk at work too. And I look forward to the day when I can just work barefoot solely from my home!

  24. Maria Pavel says


    It looks that we tend to be the same, I love Valentines Day too and I untuck the sheets to when arriving at the hotel, hehe. I also tend to brush my teeth as much as possible, not as much as you but enough - 4-5 times a day without exception. Thank you very much for sharing this!

    Best regards,


  25. Hi Lynn,

    #4. Is it really necessary to brush your teeth so many times per day? πŸ™‚
    I mean I only brush it 2 to 3 times per day which I feel is sufficient. Well, I guess everyone is unique in their own ways. πŸ™‚

  26. Mike Hill says

    1. When I eat a plate of food I take one bite from each portion on my plate, going round and round, instead of eating one thing at a time until it is gone. I like the different flavors each time.

    2. I always have a Tim Horton's coffee (XL Double Double) at 06:00am and at 17:00 (5:00pm).

    3. I go to the gym for 1 hour (or more) at least 4 times a week.

    4. I only eat junk food on Saturday.

    5. I never sleep in the bed sheets. I have a blanket and sleep on top of the duvet. I guess that way I never have to make the bed ... LOL and I wear striped PJ's πŸ™‚

    6. I polish my Dockers shoes everyday before going anywhere.

    7. I'm most productive between 06:00am and 14:00 (2:00pm)

    8. I drink a lot of water every day (at least 5L)

    9. I get a hair cut every 2 - 3 weeks regardless if I need one or not. (Old army habits die hard I guess)

  27. Bob White says

    Fun stuff... here goes:

    1. I, too, can only eat one item at a time. I call it my "food rules".

    2. If I plug my nose and try to exhale, I can blow air out of the corner of my eye.

    3. I like wearing a tie on my head at weddings. Makes the couple seem less insane.

    4. Chocolate covered anchovies -- YUM!

    5. Hard to believe, but I've never posed for an underwear ad.

    6. Have to sleep under a comforter, even if it is 100 degrees.

    7. I have a rather odd sense of humor. http://www.thefastlaneforum.com/general-business-discussion/25703-2011-beer-pancakes-14.html#post144940

    8. I hardly EVER wash my coffee cup. If I run out of coffee, I can make a cup just by adding hot water to the cup and sloshing it around a bit.

    9. I used to dust my furniture every day, but with the economy, I can't afford to buy the dust any more.

  28. Roey for Free Marketing Guides says

    Thanks for this fun post Lynn! My response is here:




  29. Hi Lynn,

    "8. I never miss my morning quiet time, even if that means I have to get up at 4am to enjoy it before early plans that day. Same goes for my afternoon nap – no matter what has to be rearranged to make it happen."

    Same here. It is always good to spend some time on your own and enjoy being yourself. I always enjoy going for a run early in the morning at 6am in a nearby park. The morning air is so fresh...


  30. I also do number one (untuck the blanket from the end of the bed at hotels.) Can't stand the feeling of being trapped. Everybody has certain quirks. Your post made me think of several of mine.

    1. Enjoy sneezing (as long as my throat doesn't hurt.)

    2. Hate having any wrinkles whatsoever in my clothes or the sheet when I go to sleep.

    3. Normally like sticking my feet out of the covers when I sleep.

    4. Sleep with my head on the desk during my lunch break at work.

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