Video Marketing Problem: Solved.

You’ve probably heard it many times before – YouTube is the number two search engine behind the mighty Google.

When you compare the amount of content on YouTube vs. what you’ll find for any given search term on Google, there is really no comparison: being found on YouTube is wayyy easier than Google.

Video Marketing should be a strong part of any online marketing strategy to bring traffic to your offer or website. Period.

If YouTube tells us one thing it’s that people love to watch videos.

And they love sharing them too... 😉

Also, video info products are certainly the most popular digital products around so, if you are a product creator, you should definitely be making videos.

And then there’s marketing. Video sales letters found at the top of a text sales letter are the one-two marketing punch which enables you to satisfy the lookers and the readers all in one fell swoop.

But there’s just one problem - videos are a pain to make!

It’s technical, and if you’ve ever made any of your own videos you know exactly what I'm talking about...

My friend Oliver, who I met a couple years ago at a marketing seminar, has done us all a huge favor. His first career was in the film and TV business in Toronto, before he became a copywriter. Fate smiled on Oliver when video marketing became popular in the last few years – he was suddenly able to combine his previous career with his present one by making marketing videos for his clients.

“I love putting on a show,” says Oliver. “That’s what marketing is for me – getting people to engage with the content and then giving them an irresistible call to action.”

Oliver uses a specific video making process for online videos that can be used for YouTube videos, affiliate marketing, membership site content, launch videos, and video sales letters.

“Most video courses are too technical and it takes too long to finally make a video. I know people hate technical stuff and they want their cool video playing online yesterday – so in Speedy Web Videos, I just tell the user exactly what to do to get professional results quickly. And by that I mean the exact settings on the software so that there’s never any guessing.

Also, I use cheap software and there are many free software options that I tell you about. I offer free support but I hardly ever get anybody asking questions because the instructions are very clear and very easy to follow for the video newbie.

Once you follow the Speedy Web Videos workflow a couple of times, it becomes second nature and you can produce super cool videos any time you like, for any purpose be it marketing or premium content.”

Thank you, Oliver!

Another thing I like is that Oliver does not drip the content. You get it all right away and this gives you the opportunity to see if it’s right for you, so there’s zero risk. (Oliver tells me he’s never had a refund!)

“I think people see the value right away and it’s a done deal because with one look, Speedy Web Videos is clearly a fast and easy way to produce cool videos within a couple days of purchase.”

What I Really Like About Speedy Web Videos

I've had several types of video marketing on my mind lately. From how-to screencasts to a video podcast series, and even photo slideshows (for the travel part of my new niche blog).

Speedy Web Videos couldn't have come at a better time for me! 😀 After checking it out, here are a few things I personally love about Oliver's SWV training:

  • I know and trust Oliver (and know how good he is at videos!)
  • You never have to get in front of a camera to make awesome marketing videos.
  • You can use all FREE software to create these videos.
  • It's CHEAP! The entire training series is only $37

Oliver is not just some guy who learned how to make great videos and then created a tutorial about it. He went to film school and has over 10 years experience in the industry, including award winning videos.

Video Marketing Ideas include: membership content, book trailers, product reviews & promotions, video podcast, high value info products you can sell, how-to videos that serve your market and encourage product sales.

There are tons of higher priced courses out there on Video Marketing. Does that make them better? Not necessarily. Check out Speedy Web Videos to see what all you get for only $37 - and to see live examples - you'll be impressed! 😉

And of course there's a Satisfaction Guarantee. I'm off to dig in to some more of the training videos myself, so I can finally get my list of video content ideas DONE...

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  1. For the most part, I personally don't watch videos or listen to podcasts, mainly because I can read many times faster than anybody can talk. But I'm knuckling under to the pressure, and I've participated in a couple of podcasts -- and I'm even contemplating making some videos. I hope that *understanding* why people like videos and podcasts isn't needed to effectively use them, because I don't. But then, I don't watch TV, either.

    Maybe, just maybe, I'll start listening to podcasts during my daily work commute once I can figure out a convenient (and legal) way to do so, which means connecting my cellphone to my car speakers. Off to shop for a decent FM transmitter...

    • If you have a CD Player in your car, why not burn the MP3s on CD?
      It doesn't take long to put the content on a CD, it is legal and easy to find a CD when in your car. You don't have to browse through many menus etc.

      I have a big collectionof stuff that I listen to on my way to work on on long drives.

  2. I need to give video more time. I've done some in the past, but I've gotten away from it. I know how valuable it can be. I think that I need to create a series that gets me motivated to help people. I think a series will help because too often I do one video and forget about doing another video. Once I do one I'll be motivated to do the next 4 in the series.

  3. Lynn & Oliver - great timing!!! We have just finished the Fast Web Formula 3 conference with James Schramko and heard all about the benefits of video! But as you mentioned I don't know how to make decent videos fast enough to be worth the effort. Will definitely be checking Oliver's course out!

  4. @ichelle! Let me know if you have any questions!


  5. Video is good for demonstrating how a product works. In my niche for physical products it quite often helps to make the sale.
    I once created a little how-to video to help a friend in understanding how his latest gadget he bought works. Posted that to YT for him to retrieve, but it became quite a hit. He then built a site around this topic. -> Video helps

  6. Michael Allton says

    I, too, have never enjoyed watching a lot of videos. It actually bothers me when i find a news story on CNN that isn't available as a regular text version - only video. That said, I completely recognize the value and importance of video as a business marketing and customer engagement tool, but have been a little daunted by the idea of the technical requirements and time needed to actually make video. Thanks so much for the suggestions!

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