Inside Look at Jeff’s Content Creation Special

Last Tuesday (8/28/12) Jeff Herring held a Free Content Creation Workshop for us. You can click here to watch the replay if you missed that. It was GREAT!

He also set up an extremely generous special offer on a bundle of his top products, which sell online combined for over $700. (And yes, I double checked that, because I was interested in reviewing & promoting some of his individual products as an affiliate.)

The deal he offered us was $197 for the entire Content Creation & Marketing Strategy package. The offer was originally set to expire Saturday September 1st at Midnight Pacific Time. (That would be tonight, if you're reading this today -lol.) But...

He kindly extended the huge discount through his Rebroadcast Option, though two of the original bonuses for live attendees did expire.

Since you still have time to consider whether this is right for you, at a definite right price, I wanted to give you an inside look at what all you receive with this package...


Jeff's Content Creation Special

Here's a list of the three products you get:

  • 7 Tips Empire Fomula
  • Instant Article Templates
  • Repurposing Power Secrets

You'll get details about the generous Special Offer on this package at the end of the webinar replay, but I wanted to give you more of an inside look with screen shots from within my own account. That way you can get a better idea of what all you get! πŸ˜‰


7 Tips Empire Fomula

In the 7 Tips Empire Formula you learn the purpose & strategy behind the "7 tips" writing formula, the (how-to) strategy, and you'll learn how to repurpose your content into multiple marketing messages and information products:

Here are smaller screenshots of Modules one and two:

Ahh... and the bonuses:


Instant Article Templates

This one is chock full of video training, audio training, downloadable Action Guides, and bonuses - including full (free) access to Jeff's Article Marketing For Beginner's course.

This is where I REALLY dug in. My personal favorites are the Article Writing Templates (printing this off to keep handy!), the "Viral Article Traffic Secrets" bonus, and the bonus video on leveraging other people's ideas.

There is tons more inside this one product, but the content writing templates alone will have your brain exploding with awesome blog post ideas and great topics for all of your content marketing: guest blogging, article marketing, newspaper/magazine articles, etc!

Repurposing Power Secrets

In this program you'll learn all about repurposing your content, and why you should be doing that!

There are specific how-to modules on repurposing your articles or blog posts into other text formats, audio, video, info products, etc.

But what was even more cool were the bonuses, including the "Repurposing Power Organizer Checklist" (right).

Love it! πŸ˜€

Here's the bottom half of the bonuses screen (there were quite a few more above that):


* * * * * * * * * *

I hope that helps you make your decision on this package, while the special offer is still available. Yes, it's a lot of content. No, you don't have to go through it all at once. You'll get lifetime access to the product(s), and you can refer back to them anytime you need inspiration or instruction, whether you're brainstorming new content ideas or looking to turn your content into a product you can sell.

It will all be right there as you need it! πŸ˜‰

Here's the link again to watch the replay:


On a final note, consider what your content is worth. Every single article or blog post you write has the potential to earn you $x. I say "x" because it depends on what you are promoting, and how long you live to keep receiving payments or commissions. πŸ˜›

The article templates, info product templates, and the brainstorming / training on info product & content repurposing... these are the kinds of things that are invaluable in my online business. I learned a long time ago how easily a single idea can have a huge positive impact on my business model. From an info product that brings in thousands of dollars, to a content marketing idea that brings in thousands of new visitors and subscribers. It's all in the implementation, and getting creative with the ideas! πŸ˜‰


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  1. Thank you Lynn for bring on Jeff Herring webinar.
    I learned a lot from the webinar even though over here was midnight due to the time zone difference. I am happy I had the opportunity to listen and learn from two great people on content marketing.

    Immediately I made my blog posted within 30 minutes with tips given by Jeff Herring.
    Once again thank you Lynn for always sharing the best on your site.
    That is real reason why I come over here daily to learn new stuffs

    Best wishes
    James Samy

    • James - welcome aboard and I appreciate your dedication of being on a webinar at midnight your time! That, and the fast action you have taken, are very strong predictors of your future success!

      ~ Jeff

      • Thank you Jeff. Your tips have made me more confident in writing and pursue my mission ahead.
        Love your stuffs and all your bonus too
        Have a great weekend Jeff

  2. Sounds great but not on top of the other courses and offers we are still paying for.
    Still working on Karon Thackston's Copywriting course (don't even have it all yet) and bought Jiffy Articles too.

    Wish he would offer it again sometime in the future for those of us in the same boat. It's not that I don't see the value, it's just on top of so much already. Didn't want to just let it go without saying something and let him think it's the course! It's definitely NOT the course!

  3. Lynn, Thanks for posting the replay. I plan to implement some of Jeff's tips right away.

  4. Thank you, Jeff and Lynn, for such a great webinar.

    Like Marge, I am in the middle of another course (or 2!) and have promised myself to finish at least one of these before taking on something else.

    I'm sorry to miss Jeff's offer but really am making a concerted effort to stop being the perpetual student and to "do" some of the things I'm learning.

    I'll be back, Jeff, when I'm ready.


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