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I've been watching Todd Gross for awhile and I'm thinking this guy has got to be making loads of cash with his marketing strategy. I just joined his list in March so I have been studying him for around 4 months now.

(I joined his list through the link above if you're interested in getting on it as well)

I've been keeping my eye on this man for a couple of reasons. One, because I think his marketing strategy is working and its a great model. And two, because I am seeing that he would be a highly valuable JV partner...

At any rate, while following his promotions and his strategies I came across Affiliate Cash Secrets which gets a very high recommendation from Todd:

"Affiliate Cash Secrets was the very first system I chose after spending many months online determining what would replace my six figure income that I lost unexpectedly in 2005. I always point to 'ACS' as the product that saved my life and my family... This is the product I recommend more than any other in Internet Marketing..."

I found a link where you can get the $97 marketing system free from Affiliate Cash Secrets, which includes:

(Just click on the image above to download all 3 products)

I decided to download this package myself, just to get a taste of what ACS is all about. The Affiliate Organizer is an online tool which looks pretty interesting. The other two products you can download are both reports in PDF format.

The first report, Free Traffic Secrets, is a quick read that discusses writing effective ads and several free marketing & advertising strategies for online promotions.

The second report, Automatic Money Machines, is a "step by step profit system". And THIS is where I recognized some of Todd Gross' marketing strategies.

There is nothing incredibly new about the strategy, mind you. It's just that Todd is one of the few people I have seen who has implemented it successfully and has a proven working model. Like most great strategies to make money online, very few people actually follow through and get a system up and running. Todd Gross is one of those people who has.

And of course, Todd helps other people do the same with his well-known Squeeze Videos. They come with squeeze pages, pre-selling videos, free reports you give away to build your list and more. Its a great stand-alone system for someone who wants to get started with the "Automatic Money Machines" system.

Check out both links for yourself (here and here). There is no money to spend, they are free resources. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone business model for your Online Business, or something to spice up what you are already doing, there is much to learn from both Todd Gross and Derrick VanDyke.

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  1. Hi Lynn

    Manidip here. You have posted a pretty good article. Thank You.

    Kind Regards

  2. Thank you, Manidip

  3. Dick White says

    I need your advice. I live in Tennessee(Chattanooga) and am a full time caretaker for my wife who has a serious illness(dementia). Have limited computor skills since I am a senior and computors were not in school when I was there.
    I am desparate and need to increase my income to cover ever increasing medical and living costs. Can you recommend a good, low cost starter internet program where I can earn some money? I am able to spend some time each day on the computor.
    I would appreciate any advice/direction you can share with me. Thanks, Dick White

  4. Dick White says

    Unable to sign up for Affiliate Cash Secrets for free. Even though I received free offer, the system always would always go to Paypal asking for $47 even though it was suppose to be free. After 4 trys I gave up. Can you help? I am interested. Dick White

  5. Sandy Hall says

    Hi Lynn,

    I've also been on Todd's mailing list since the beginning of 2007.

    I love the way he combines affiliate product videos to his marketing. And he does it very well.

    The videos he makes for the affiliate products he is promoting are short, concise, and not boring at all to watch.

    He is pretty new to the Affiliate/Internet Marketing field. And he's made a big name for himself already.

    In other words, I agree with your assessment of him wholeheartedly.

    Thanks for a great blog post Lynn.

    Warmest regards,
    Sandy Hall

  6. Hi Dick,
    The 3 products displayed above are free - not the Affiliate Cash Secrets system itself. Once you are logged in, simply click the Download link at the top of the page and then you can download the reports.

    Once you check out those reports, join us on my free discussion forum. There is a section there for Getting Started and we would be happy to help you get started on the right track.

    Lynn Terry

  7. Great to hear from you on this Sandy. Todd is definitely a good model to keep an eye on. 😉

  8. Todd is a boston weatherman fired from whdh tv

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