Stop Blogging, Stop Marketing. It’s Not Working.

Coming up with blog topics, struggling through the actual content writing, posting your links to every social networking site, doing "SEO" and market research, studying and trying every marketing strategy you can find, etc - it's boring. It's stressful, frustrating, and makes you want to pull your hair out.

You just want to get more traffic and make more sales online, but it's hard work! Even if it IS working, you're probably investing entirely too much time, for too small a return. Would you agree?

This may sound outrageous, but - stop blogging. And for that matter, stop marketing too. Trust me on this. I'm about to share a secret that will make your online business FUN again...

See the photo above? That's me on the left, enjoying a slice of pizza in Atlanta with several people from my Private Brainstorming Group. I like to attend events and meetups around the world every chance I get, and meet people in person that I've gotten to know online through my work. It has really personalized my business!

And that leads me to this HOT tip that could make a BIG difference in yours...

Stop blogging, Stop Marketing, and Start Talking.

Blogging is not fun. It's work. But talking about a topic you're passionate about, now that's fun! And chances are, you're pretty good at talking about your business or the topic of your blog/site. If that isn't the case, you're in the wrong niche.

I find it easiest to talk about various topics in a more casual setting. Staring at a blank screen trying to write a blog post puts the pressure on. You're trying to get all the elements right, and you're focused on "writing a good blog post."

But if you're sitting around a table on a beautiful afternoon having pizza, you could talk for hours on end about your topic! I know I can...

The same goes for forums, discussion groups, etc. You probably share valuable advice and great tips when you're in "conversational mode" whether online or offline.

And it comes easy, right?

I use this to my advantage when it comes to creating content, and also when marketing my business online. The trick is to get in that conversational mode. Having met so many people offline and in real life, I find it easiest to imagine those scenarios when we're talking in person - with specific faces in mind.

Even if you don't get out to meetups and events, you likely interact with your target market on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, forums and other social sites around the web. You get to know people, you see their pictures and know what they look like, and you have a feel for who they are as individuals.

THAT is who you need to write TO.

Pick one person you have interacted with in your niche, and write specifically to them when you create blog posts and email your list. The same goes for your social media profiles too - start posting updates, sharing valuable tips, asking questions, and engaging your "followers" with real conversation!

If you stop trying to blog, and stop trying to promote your site, and just start talking... two things will happen. First, it will come much easier! Second, you'll see a much better response rate from your market.

Forget strategies and tricks and methods. Your online business should be built around you, and your business should thrive from serving your market.

Talk TO them, not AT them.

If you have a hard time writing a blog post, press release, article, guest post, email newsletter, etc - try this:

Imagine that someone has just emailed you a question. Or that they called you on the phone. Or that you are responding to a question in a niche forum.

Now... respond freely. Not only does it make the task of writing MUCH easier, your "response" will be a much better - and more appealing - piece of content than you could ever write out of thin air for a blank screen.

Just publishing content and posting it around the web is not going to make you stand out in your niche. You really need to go the extra mile and get actively engaged with your market.

Don't get caught up in the "tasks" such as blogging and posting. Get caught up in your market and what they're talking about. Your "market" is made up of REAL PEOPLE. Figure out what they need or want, and how you can best help them.

Stop "blogging" and start talking. That's the key! πŸ˜‰


p.s. If you DO struggle with writing or blogging, and we *all* do from time to time!, here are some great posts that will help you out when you're feeling stuck:

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  1. Lynn,

    As usual you've nailed this topic but good. I saw the claim by a so-called expert (definition = a drip under pressure) to stop blogging. Brushed it off. You USED it. This is do-able by anyone. You can be outstanding in your field or out standing your field next to the corn. You point the way to the former. Thanks again for kicking my butt!

    Deb Gallardo recently posted..Are You Good Enough to Write aΒ Book?My Profile

  2. I love this post Lynn!

    It's so true when I put the pressure on to write a great blog post I have such a hard time and I stare at the screen forever. However when I have something to say that's more like a conversation it flows quick and easy.

    I JUST published a new post about something that's been bothering me lately. I have to say my rant posts seem to engage the most because they do come from a place of me more talking than worrying about saying the right things...

    Thanks for the reminder on this. I'm sure I need to get hit on the head with it over and over again to remember it's about the conversation and the engagement more than anything else πŸ™‚

    • I constantly surprise myself when I write with the thoughts and ideas that flow from my finger tips. I love writing, but like you it is easiest when I have a passion, interest and knowledge of an area. I don't need to plan what I am going to say if I know what the subject is about. The structure just comes. SO I tend not to be inspired to write unless I know what I am talking about.
      Carol recently posted..Terms and ConditionsMy Profile

  3. You are absolutely correct! Thank you for this post.

  4. This is like blogging writers block.I'd check competitors blogs and latest updates about the niche and get ideas.

    I'd also check on the net for info on my niche.There maybe something in there i haven't talked about.
    The idea with a good post is to keep the visitors on your site long enough for them to get interested to buy something on your affiliate links and also keep them coming back to your site for more.
    Its like writing a good movie script with an interesting story line.

  5. Such brilliant advice Lynn,
    I learned the importance of this after I began blogging in April 2012.

    I spent practically a year writing post after post, occasionally posting on twitter and occasional writing a blog comment thinking it would be enough.

    But I realized something wasn't working. I knew the answer but was too afraid to move forward. So i created my first ever guest post in the month of December. Then low and behold, but traffic started to increase and got a load of subscriber joining my list.

    Ever since that experience, I have since made sure I communicate with as many people in my market as possible and making sure i reach out and network as much as possible.
    My traffic has increased leaps and bounds. I could have done this a lot sooner, but as they say, it was all experience πŸ™‚
    Onder Hassan recently posted..Why Succeeding Takes Time And How To Embrace ItMy Profile

  6. I love this! A couple of weeks a go I wrote a comment on a blog that was about 300 words, just before I hit submit I thought WOAH, you ain't gettin' all that when I'm struggling to write today, so I cut and pasted it into my wordpress, a couple of tweaks later and a blog post was born - pretty darn good one at that! I actually should go back and leave a little comment πŸ™‚
    lisa recently posted..Want Good, Cheap Articles?My Profile

  7. Gary Anderson says:

    Strange timing! I was on the phone last night talking to my childhood best friend, about how I have learned SO much starting mostly in 2008. I took off excitedly telling him that I got Stomping The Search Engines 2.0 (middle 2008 I think) and their monthly journal (real paper magazine!), then used the strategies that they taught me on my very first YouTube video I uploaded in November of 2008 which still holds fast on the first page of Google to this very day!

    I found myself 10 minutes later apologizing coz I went off on a non stop story telling rage about my online marketing journey. Not only was I able to come up with stuff to say, but I actually had to make myself stop! I was fun!

    I've actually been seriously considering getting back into blogging, but maybe not for the online marketing niche, but other stuff that interests me. Although, "Local" SEO and online marketing IS a bit exciting for me which is where my endeavors have landed me.

    Ok, I'll shut up now.

    Stay Boosted! πŸ˜‰


  8. Wow, you just stepped all over my toes girlfriend! Thanks so much for doing it though!

    My goal for the past couple weeks has been to "Publish 3 blog posts/videos". In the future, it's going to be "Communicate with my ideal client at least 3 times". There really is a BIG difference! Thanks for the reminder.

    P.S. I am so glad you are feeling better! Prayer works!

    Glennette Goodbread
    Premium Web Design and Hosting
    Glennette Goodbread recently posted..Ecourse: Profitable WebsitesMy Profile

  9. Sometimes, I do get bored when thinking of new post ideas. However, it is important to remember that you are here to help your readers, and not confuse them. It writing is boring for people, then their content will be very boring.

  10. Another awesome post Lynn! You have some very good points here, something I needed to read. Thank you! πŸ™‚ Interacting with your readers and your market is so vital.
    Tammy recently posted..My 7 Tips For Proofing Article ContentMy Profile

  11. Rhonda White says:

    The thing is "article information" on it's own is just plain boring -- not only for the blogger doing the writing, but for the reader as well. Both parties are bored. As humans we love to get down to real business and discuss things in a real conversational manner.

    So, yes, I'm going to make this more of my focus as well and work on this. Thanks, Lynne for a great topic that needs our attention.

  12. Great post! \"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.\"That\'s straight from the guy who created it all. You can\'t improve on that. I like for people to take an interest in me and topics that appeal to me. I assume others feel the same way. Passion about your own interests works, too.

  13. One of the best articles I have read today. Thanks for the insight Lynn.
    Ocha Nix recently posted..Cure Tinnitus Permanently – Is It Possible?My Profile

  14. Why is it that when someone asks a question about your business during a conversation you can talk about it freely and passionately but when it comes to writing a blog post sometimes it's like pulling water out of a stone?

    I think I've got to have more conversations.
    Herman recently posted..16 Ways To Promote YouTube Videos And Get More TrafficMy Profile

  15. Hi Lynn

    Great post I am not a expert but what you say makes sense. If we are not talking to people how do we know what we are talking about. Or even if what we write makes sense or is engaging. Do you think that blog post should also be audio? becoming a expert in 1 subject takes years . My little site is trying to help people searching for places to go by coach. So many companies are showing up on google and dont even have anything to offer. Os i thought I would do something about it. Thanks for the info Lynn really appreciated. M

  16. Such an insightful analysis of the online marketing. I totally agree with your tip that when you write a guest post you should just 'imagine that someone has just emailed you a question'. After all is only about the people and nothing else matters!

    Thank you for your advice Lynn!

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