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I have been working online for more than 17 years now. I got started way back in the 90's, before ebooks and gurus and such...

I have multiple online properties in a variety of niches. I'm best known as a Super Affiliate, but have hands-on experience in a wide range of online business models.

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ClickNewz is where I share news on the latest Internet Marketing trends and strategies, as well as unique case studies, creative ideas and (extremely) candid product reviews. We discuss everything from mindset to technical issues, the secrets to writing engaging content, improving your traffic and conversion rates - you name it! If you work from home and/or online, ClickNewz is where you want to be.

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About Lynn Terry

2013 marked the beginning of my 17th year in business. I work from my home office full-time, while raising my 2 children here in middle Tennessee. I'm turning 40 in June of this year, and I'm living my ideal lifestyle! 😀

My last real job was as a Unix Sys Admin (booo-rrrr-ing!) which I quit in 1996 to start my first business. Some of my experience over the last decade includes professional web development, managing an international web team, start-up consulting, computer training, professional adviser for Intuit, partnerships with 2 wholesale/eBay companies, managing an offline business, and public speaking.

I ultimately ditched it all to become a Super Affiliate and Professional Blogger.

My focus now is on niche affiliate marketing, and on helping others achieve the same freedom & flexibility with a successful online business that I have for myself.

I received the May 2003 Best of Success Award at Total Life Success and am a contributing author to a #1 Best-Seller titled Wake Up... Live the Life You Love! I have been featured on Entrepreneur Magazine's home biz talk radio show, as well as several other talk shows through both wsRadio and World Talk Radio.

Advertising, Reviews & Disclosure...

A big part of my mission with ClickNewz is to test out various ways to make money online, and then report the results here for your benefit. I also review websites, products, programs and even books.

Some of my reviews are sponsored, and sometimes I am given a review copy. But more often my reviews are done on products & services I've purchased myself.

Paid reviews were done with the same consideration as non-paid content and reviews. I'm known for my candid style, and am just as quick to tell you what NOT to use as I am to recommend resources I find incredibly helpful.

The content here may or may not contain affiliate links, which means that I am paid for referrals to certain sites or products. Regardless of whether I'm compensated or not, I will never promote or recommend a product that I wouldn't use myself.

ClickNewz contains my honest opinion and thorough reviews, and I wouldn't risk losing you as a reader by promoting anything that doesn't meet my own standards. Affiliate links are simply a way for me to make a career of writing content on a topic I am passionate about - and doing it at no cost to you.

I'm always interested in reviewing products or discussing joint venture, advertising & sponsorship opportunities. Contact me if you would like to make a proposal! You'll find stats here, and here is a sweet opportunity to advertise directly to my readers.

If you have questions about Internet Marketing or Online Business, join us at my ClickNewz Forum. It's an awesome community, and a great place to get your questions answered! 😉

See you there!


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  1. Haven't you been 33 for a few years? 😉 means I am still 33, 34.... 😉


  2. No, I update it - LOL. I'll be 34 in June '07

  3. Ok.. believe ya!! 😉

    I am only 22! 😉


  4. I was born in 1973... ask my mom 😛

  5. Same age as my Brother Dan, the one with that nice car on my blog... he is a '73 baby!

    So... your birthday's not that far off.. 😉

    Take care.


  6. Great site! I'll put it in my favorites. You're doing what I am working to do. Write when you can.


  7. Chuck Anthony says

    Hi Lynn, I've been meaning to tell you, I really like the latest theme and the new look of the blog in general. I'm getting ready to move my home business blog over to WordPress and may be asking you a question or two along the way.

    As always, thanks for all your hard work and dedication to helping others succeed in their online endeavors. I'm sure all of your readers would agree, and I don't mind speaking for them -- We appreciate you!

  8. Thank you, Chuck!

    I'll keep an eye out for any WP questions. I have to tell you though - I learned almost everything I know about it from Teli... so between the two of us (she moderates the Blogging section at the forum) we should be able to hook you up 😉

  9. Yes Lynn, I really like your redesigned blog too. Cool.

  10. I am also a fan of Passive Income. But how I can increase it more and more? 🙁

  11. The simple way is to duplicate your current Passive Income ventures.

    Great question though - I will write more on this topic here at ClickNewz in future posts!

  12. I also liked this blog in general. I am becoming a fan of you. lol 🙂

  13. Great blog, Lynn!

    You're looking very well 😉

  14. Thank you, Bryan - great to see you again!

  15. Hi Lynn.
    I've checked out a couple of your sites before. Great content! Are you in NC? I've heard a couple of local SEO guys mention your name before but didn't know if you were in or around the Raleigh area. Take care.


  16. Hi Brian,

    Thank you! Actually I am in Tennessee - not so far away. I am a fan of SEOposition - great to hear from you personally!

    Lynn Terry

  17. Hello Lynn,

    We would like to place a text link on your blog.
    Techinline is just a recent startup and we are limited in resources
    currently. I can offer you $10/month for the link. Is it acceptable
    for you?

    We also can provide you access to are web service for free.
    We like your blog and are going to add it to our marketing plan if the ads
    performance will be good enough (I don't doubt).

    David Golubitsky

  18. Hi David,

    I'll send you an email and we'll take it from there 😉

    Lynn Terry

  19. Hi Lynn,

    I'm only new online and have included my website link ( It may be something you would be interested in - if for no other reason to say its another fad about to go the way of the dinosaurs (I hope not).

    I'd appreciate if you could leave the link up - if not I understand.

    Thanks for your help


  20. With regards to your age in a previous comment. Just be like my father - he chose not to age after 42 - gonna be fun when he gets to 42 - twice.

    Love the website


  21. Thank you Vance - Nice to meet you!

  22. Grea Info! Is there any tips and tricks how to earn or double your passive income?

  23. SAWnKANSAS says

    Lynn--I don't know how I discovered your site, but just what I've read in a few minutes, this site will do wonders for me. You are just what I need, who cares how old you are. I'm 61 and I'm just getting started. Had my site for 6 months, no money yet--but I will---soon, if I keep reading your information...thank you, Sheryl

  24. Welcome aboard, Sheryl - glad you found us here! If you ever have any questions just let me know.

    You are welcome to join the discussion forum as well - its a very friendly & helpful group 😉

    ~ Lynn

  25. Lynn,
    I just found your blog via BlogRush, which I just installed today! lol, just wanted to let you know that widget worked for ya 😉
    And I really like your blog and theme. I just started a blog but I have heard of you somewhere.
    I think I will make a post about you, your blog and forum and how cool BlogRush is. 🙂

  26. Hi Lynn:

    Would like to do a meet and greet with you soon. You sound like a dynamite lady and I would like to have you consider being an affiliate in my program with my Digital Age technology using Video. If you have Skype, maybe we can chat via that some time soon. I am very impressed with your very straight to the point web site and the right to the point way you communicate. My skype address is bevual


  27. Thank you, Beverly - I sent you a note 😉

  28. Hi Lynn, it is nice to read your blog. I hope some of your marketing know how rubs off onto me lol, you are making it look easy from where I sit, drop by my site some time, would love to see you there 🙂

    PS: Isn't Sasha a darling?
    Kind regards,

  29. She's a beauty - an absolute doll!

    Congratulations 😀

    Great blog, by the way - I love the theme!

  30. Robert Fowler says

    I want to interview you for a project I am working on and discuss some JV options. I did not know how to get in touch with you.
    I tried admin@ and support@ this website and it get bounced, lol.
    Please email me 🙂

  31. It's "lynn@" 😉 I'll send you an email, Robert - thanks!

  32. Hi Lynn,

    just want to let you know that I really enjoy your blog, your main SSWT site & Discussion forum as well......& especially your "super-quick" replies to my posts at the Forum ! 🙂

    BTW, was just wondering whether you are into doing JVs with other internet marketers ? Wanted to email & ask you about this, but couldn't find any email address here or at your main site though, hope you could email me & let me know....thanks ! 🙂

    John Yeng

  33. Hi John,

    Thank you! Glad you enjoy the sites!

    My email address is right below the 2nd paragraph on this page... 😉 Feel free to send me a note!

  34. Great site! Cool Newz! Cute Face!

  35. Welcome to ClickNewz, Ron 😉

  36. I would like to know if you still train and or do various types of work for a fee. I need some help getting the writing down and some other stuff. I am a great sales person and marketer but Im lousy at certain things. Thanks

  37. Hi Sean,

    The only place I offer consulting and personal mentoring is through my private forum. It is part of my SSWT Internet Marketing Forum, and you can join the private forum by becoming an Elite Member.

    You are welcome to post your questions on the main forum also, and you may very well get all the help you need there 😉

  38. WoW! Nice site, Nice Articles, Nice Author! Lynn, Can I be your friend? 🙁

  39. LOL - but of course, Rana 😉
    Welcome to Clicknewz!

  40. Nathan Perea says

    Hi Lynn - I've been a member of Clicknewz for a few months now and have taken bits and peices of info from your site and webinars and am trying my hand at a new blog. it covers a topic I am very passionate about and I hope will help as many fathers out there as possible. Would you be willing to review my site and critique? If you like it, would you be willing to introduce it to your subscribers? it is only a few weeks old, so still very much in the works, but I think there is enough content to start putting it out there.


  41. Hi Nathan,

    I'll give it a look! It may take me a few weeks to review it thoroughly, but I've made a note to do that 😉

  42. I am interested on your 20k-in-20-days product. Hope I will buy a copy soon.

  43. Hi Lynn,

    I'm a newbie and a single parent like yourself. The info here is very good plus I like your blog design. Maybe this isn't the right place for this post.

    But I signed (12/16/07) up for your forum and have yet to receive my confirmation via email. I went to the forum but couldn't locate how to contact the board administrator. Can you point me in the right direction.

    Thanks & God Bless,

  44. Hi Maurice,

    I'm having a problem with emails on that domain, and have the support team working on it. In the meantime, email me at Lynn-AT-ClickNewz-dotcom (or hit reply to the email you get notifying you of this reply) and let me know your forum username. I will activate it for you on my end 😉

  45. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for the quick response and I just got all hooked up!

    Appreciate it,
    Maurice *

  46. Hi Lynn,

    Hopefully, you had a great Christmas and will have a successful New Year! I was wondering did you ever get my email and/or are you still having problems with my Excite's domain? The reason, I ask is that, I sent you a response 12/19/07, but no word as of yet.

    My suspicion is that my domain is not sending or receiving important emails mostly junk mail. Also can one get help if needed with the Fast Cash Strategy. Should I post here or on the forum?

    Maurice 🙂

  47. Hi Maurice,

    I see your email now, so I will reply to that. Its generally best to reach me through the discussion forum - and of course if its a personal message you can Private Message me there.

    Watch for a reply from me shortly 😉

    ~ Lynn

  48. Thank you Lynn for the quick response.

    Maurice 😉

  49. i am new to internet marketing and found your website. great website, especially the archives you have are pretty darn good. keep it up.

  50. Thank you, Jamie 😀

    Be sure to subscribe by email or RSS (your choice) and join us often - I look forward to getting to know you!

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