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Update: Since the guide discussed in this post is no longer available Click Here Instead (you'll get FREE access to a "Fast Niche Brainstorming" video tutorial!)

I have to admit, I always love to get a sneak peek into how other people run their home business. Working from home myself for more than 12 years now, I know that we all have our own quirks and habits - but there definitely seem to be some common factors of the more successful home business folk.

A lot of people go into home business thinking that it will be much easier than a traditional job. Work for yourself, be at home full time, casual, easy... It's quite the shock when reality sets in. Or it was for me. It turns out I'm the worst boss I've ever had! 😯 LOL. Seriously.

One of my favorite moments was when I actually realized this. I was sitting in the doctor's office getting my orders to take off of work for the rest of the week. Without pause I spit out, "Oh no. My boss will never go for that. She's a relentless slave-driving demon." He was very understanding -he, of course, didn't realize I was self-employed. Ha!

The start-up years can be tough. I rarely hear an easy-peasy start-up story where someone had all the pieces in place upfront and just had smooth sailing all the way from start-up to home business success. I said rarely. I honestly can't think of a single one.

Most of us jumped in feet first with naive enthusiasm, got smacked with reality, then scrambled to recover from there. It took time, hard work, late nights, unimaginable frustration, long hours of research and self-questioning, failures - and for some, a little bit of therapy! - before things finally started to pan out and come together. I've always loved that quote: "It takes ten years of hard work to become an overnight success" 😉

One of my goals, with this blog and of course other work that I do, is to shorten the learning curve and help people get a smoother start into home business. It is absolutely hands-down the best thing I have ever done for myself. I quit my last real job in 1996, and have been at home with my kids full-time for almost 13 years now. And I love it.

With so many people starting up their first home-based business this year (or finally getting serious about it!), I decided to download “Homepreneur Habits: How To Run A Successful Home Business” by Jimmy D. Brown, and give this $15 report a personal review. It turned out to be more in-depth than I expected - not just your usual home business tips, but a full 65-page report chock full of advice that I truly wish I'd had in my hands about 13 years ago!

The report is broken up into 3 parts which cover the principles, the equipment and the practices of a successful home business owner. It includes a lot of real-life photos of Jimmy and his home office, and detailed guidelines or "rules" that he has put into practice over the years to get where he is today. By the way, if you don't know Jimmy D. Brown - he is a true home business success story!

Like I said, I found it interesting to get a sneak peek into someone elses work-at-home lifestyle and practices, having been at this for more than a dozen years myself. I am certainly not beyond learning new methods, or a better way of doing things. Especially as the phases change - both with my business growth, and the growth of my children who are now in their teen years.

I got a lot out of the first two topics on principles & equipment, making mental comparisons of my own home business set-up and jotting down a few notes on things that will increase my productivity. It was enlightening - almost like spending a day in the home office of a very successful online business owner!

But it was the 3rd topic that really got my attention and had my wheels turning: Practices of a successful home business owner. This section of the report is full of very specific actions steps you can put into practice to start seeing a major difference in your home business - right away.

A lot of people stay busy "working" when they are online, but they aren't actually running a business or making money online - they are just surfing, buying products, hanging out at forums, and talking about having a home business.

In part 3 Jimmy breaks it down and gives you 7 daily activities to strategically grow your home business. Having a schedule or a routine is key in being productive, and making progress towards your goals (trust me - I know this one from experience!). If you don't have some sort of plan or routine to follow, you'll end up wasting the majority of your time and accomplish nothing.

Just as one example of the wisdom in this report, Jimmy says that there is a time and a place for every task involved with running your home business. Such as research...

How many times have you said, "this afternoon I'm going to do XYZ" and then you spend the afternoon trying to figure out HOW to do XYZ! Instead of getting things done, you've spent your time learning how to get things done.

While this routine that Jimmy outlines may seem simple in concept, it's actually brilliant. He gives you a very specific step-by-step plan for the entire week, to be repeated every week, that will work for practically any home business model.

I'll be honest with you- I've been a "fly by the seat of my pants" kinda person since the day I started my first business. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, or what I was getting myself into, and basically subscribed to the "learn as you go" model. And that worked for me of course, though I admit that some things took me far longer than they should have... and I've certainly had my fair share of frustration and all-nighters.

And I still struggle. More than a dozen years into it, I haven't mastered a routine - and I realize (every single day) that this is my one major issue. Something as simple as having a topical publishing schedule here on my blog has made a huge difference. It helps me get on a roll, keeps me focused, I know exactly what I'm going to do and why. I can't explain why it works so well, but you should see me scramble when I don't have a routine to follow! 😛

You don't have to micro-manage every single minute of every single day to have a routine. And thank goodness, because I would suffocate under those conditions (yes, I've tried that too). A daily routine is not meant to cut into your creative thinking, but to encourage it. Knowing there is a time and place for everything, and knowing exactly what you are doing and why, will relieve your subconcious mind to the point that you can truly focus on the task at hand.

Like I said - seems simple, works like magic.

In the weekly routine that Jimmy outlines in his report, he explains why you shouldn't do your networking on Monday's - and what day of the week you should. It's little nuggets like this that make the report incredibly valuable. Definitely worth the 15 bucks and 15 minutes of your time.

In the end, even having a successful home business of my own already, I was really glad that I took the time to review Homepreneur Habits. Knowing how well I operate during the rare phases where I actually implement a mini-routine, I've decided to take Jimmy's outline and customize it into my own weekly schedule. I've been so overwhelmed lately with tasks and ideas and a million little things... that I feel this huge sense of relief having a plan to finally organize my time in a way that makes total sense.

One last thing - If you download this report, be sure to read the 10 questions & answers at the very end. This Q&A includes the top 10 questions I've been asked over and over about running a home business, and seen all over the internet hundreds of times. You've no doubt asked (or thought of) some of these questions yourself. Definitely make it a point to read through those.

Update: Since the guide discussed in this post is no longer available Click Here Instead (you'll get FREE access to a "Fast Niche Brainstorming" video tutorial!)


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  1. "A lot of people stay busy “working” when they are online, but they aren’t actually running a business or making money online - they are just surfing, buying products, hanging out at forums, and talking about having a home business."

    Yup, about 99% of them LOL

  2. What an excellent report! Thanks for recommending it Lynn 🙂 The task for Sunday in particular is inspired.

    There are a couple of surprises if you click on his "Comics" link as well, btw 🙂

    • True! I agree - it's rare something really engages me like this report did. It left me feeling inspired & motivated, and I've decided to set up a weekly action plan based on his outline in Part 3. Great stuff! Glad you're enjoying it too.

  3. Lynn

    I just listened to podcast #13 of Internet Marketing This Week and was blown away by the things you and Paul talked about.I have joined membership sites and cancelled after the first month because I would get scared wondering if I could or was smart enough to do affiliate marketing.I am on the verge of joining based on your recommendation and the video on the front page.I'm even purchasing a lap top with 3 months so I can devote as much time as possible to this and not hog the PC my wife and I have.Do you have any other suggestions for someone just starting out? Thanks

  4. Hi James,

    If I had it to do over, I would start out with a routine/plan like Jimmy outlined in the report mentioned in the post above. That may very well be a good starting point for you.

    But I also have some great posts here at ClickNewz. Start at:
    ...and read through a few pages in that category. On the 2nd page you'll find a post with an interview I did with Bob "the teacher" Jenkins on Affiliate Marketing.

    If any of those posts raise questions, leave them in the comments section of that post - I'd be happy to answer them 😉

    • Bob Jenkins says

      Hey Lynn,
      Thanks for reminding your readers about the call we did. Definitely one of my favorite interviews because you gave such specific tips on how affiliate marketing can really work.

      And happy birthday, by the way!

      Bob Jenkins

  5. Lynn,
    I wanted to thank you so much for a post you did in back in September after you gave a talk at Moms Affiliate Expo. I immediately printed it and posted it on my bulletin board by my desk. I've reread it so many times and it inspires me every time. Working at home can be the toughest job you will ever have, and it will have the most rewards.

    Could you please reprint that link for others? Thanks so much for the inspiration.


    • I believe this is the post you're referring to:


      • Yes that is it! If anyone hasn't read it, please do so!! Truly inspiring. Thanks Lynn.

        • OH I agree, that IS so very inspiring! My hope and faith just went from a 1 to an 8! The missing 2/10 is my missing belief in my idea, and my ability to take consistent action. I haven't started yet. I've just finished making a mind map of my idea, and the things I need to get it going, what kind of content I want to offer and formats, topics, all the pieces of the puzzle (youtube, website, blog, email list manager, monetization methods over time, products I want to promote, products I may like to create down the track, social networking... etc). I think I've got enough to actually start finally - without really knowing what will become of it, what direction it will take once going. It might be completely different than I first thought up, but the main vision is helping myself through a really big challenge in MY life, giving myself this gift (my own ideal customer) and hopefully in the process others will hear me speak to them and help them in their life too. All the while, using my gifts and talents and doing all the things I love every day! I think I'm finally on some track - hopefully it's one that leads to some kind of success for the first time in my 40yr long life! Errrrr, to cut a long story short, NO-REGRETS WAS AWWWWESOME! Thank you both for putting it my path! 🙂

  6. p.s. I bought "Homepreneur Habits"---cool bonuses if you go through the comics. (which are funny--I had to print a couple)

  7. chantelle tamaris says

    I love my online business. I had to have a looooong talk with myself after I realize I could make money from this. Hard work and consistency pays off later...way way way later sometimes , but when it does... WOW! I'm never home so I call it work from anywhere.

  8. Ecommerce Help - Tyrone Shum says

    "A lot of people go into home business thinking that it will be much easier than a traditional job. Work for yourself, be at home full time, casual, easy… It’s quite the shock when reality sets in. Or it was for me. It turns out I’m the worst boss I’ve ever had! LOL. Seriously."

    I have to agree that this holds true to those who think that working at home is easy. Know what? I ma not disouraging you guys or whatever, instead I'm saying that you should prepare yourself for 'failures' and the lack of 'ability' to reach the goal. When starting a home business, don't be so sure that you will succeed at once. Like everything else, it requires hard work ad determination. If you have these, then perhaps, the rest will follow. Stop procrastinating.

  9. I always laugh when people comment on how easy it must be to work from home. If Brian is with me he always interjects before I can respond and says, "I wish it was easy. She works more hours than I do."

  10. Khaled - beadstalk says

    Working from home is the best step I've ever taken but also the hardest. You have to be dedicated to keep on top of things as you are your own boss and if you don't do it no one will. The only thing I still haven't gotten to grips with is a routine and time management, I have a routine but can sometimes get distracted which results in longer working hours that are less productive as opposed to working smarter.

  11. Patty Gale says

    Oh my.. I remember those early years. There were so many nights I stayed up until 2, 3 or even 4 a.m. to get things done and would find myself literally falling asleep at the computer at times.

    A lot has changed in the last 8 years an while it certainly wasn't easy, I don't regret a thing. All those difficulties and challenges were more than worth it.

  12. IM Devil says

    Thanks for the tip. I purchased - a good read even though I am not exactly the organized type 😉

    I do have a lot of experience building systems for my businesses. I like getting them on auto-pilot as much as I can, but this is in order for me to have time exploring new fields in a haphazard way 🙂
    That is exactly what I have been doing in the past couple of months, but now its time to build my own system, and the report is helpful both as an inspiration and also as a system to change so it would fit me.

    I have to say that even though I have quite an experience (I have built businesses with up to 60 employees), online business and internet marketing is a tough one to start - I am talking about building a business and not just making a quick sale (I did that in my first couple of weeks).

    Love your posts and tips!

  13. Why did you change the background of your articles? I makes them much harder to read! Looks like you care ONLY on getting new members. I'm sorry, but the bright white panel on the right is just distracting! Please consider lightening the background. I really USED to like to read your articles...

  14. George Lewis says

    Sorry about the last post... It came-off kinda harsh... (guess I was in a bad mood)... I just was surprised on the dark background on your articles that's all... Please forgive the nasty tone... Thanks!

    • I have no idea what you're referring to George. I haven't changed anything on ClickNewz since the new theme was installed several months ago. But the background is still white... ? Which browser are you using, and which O/S? Perhaps there's a glitch I'm not aware of.

      p.s. I have not accepted new members for about 5 months now.

  15. Thank u very much for picking up the subject as most of the starters get in to this habit of surfing for (i)how to do things(ii)download all or any freebie offered as if there is no tomorrow and that too without knowing when/where/how to apply them (iii)check emails (iv)get in to buying spree without knowing which product is just right for them. I know I have been in to it since more than one year ! Your write-up should correct this pattern. Thanks again.

  16. David - Newbie Website Design says


    My personal favorite quote is this:

    "Internet marketing is the hardest 'easy money' I've ever made."

    I took me about 2 years until I started to see some positive results (i.e. make money.) But the most important thing I learned - like most in this business - is to never give up and keep learning from past mistakes. I know this is kind of a cheesy expression, but it's true:

    "Quitters never win and winners never quit."

    About working at home:
    I was so used to working at an office that when I left my job to focus on marketing full-time, I got lazy. "Oooh! Look! My favorite movie is on cable! I think I'll watch it for the 100th time!"

    I had to create my own work schedule and stick to it - just like punching in at an office. The good point is that I can schedule in breaks when I feel I need to have breaks and not have to live with the schedule a boss gives me.

    PS Love the new blog design!

  17. I like this part --> "It took time, hard work, late nights, unimaginable frustration, long hours of research and self-questioning, failures - and for some, a little bit of therapy!"

    Actually, I'm quite frustrated because I don't know where to start. It seems like I need to know so many things before I can start my own online business. I hope I can learn soon...

    • That's a common misconception, Edward. And it results in info-overload or analysis paralysis. Look at the different models, select the one that appeals to you most, or matches your idea best, and then learn what you need to know to set that up (nothing more).

      If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask 😀

  18. Can you suggest any reading materials that I can read about online business? Or can you share any ideas about online stuffs that I must know or any other recommendation that would be helpful for me?

    I know my question is quite vague. Like what I've said above, I don't know where to start. Simply because I'm not sure if I'll be needing such idea for a particular model.

    • What do you plan to do exactly? Do you want to get into Affiliate Marketing? Do you have a product of your own, or are you interested in creating info products? Do you have a service you want to offer?

      Let me know what interests you, and we'll go from there 😉

      • I want to engage myself in Affiliate Marketing. I'm also interested with creating info products and offering services but I want to do all of these one step at a time so that I can focus on my goal.

        Do you have anything in mind that you can highly recommend for a newbie like me? I'm always willing to learn new things.

  19. Hi,Lynn just thought I would let You know,Genesis got me over here.I signed up for Your tips.By reading blogs, (just started)I'm picking up things.I will look into Genesis writing course after this.Thanks for the time.Jesse

  20. Flash Design says

    I agree that having a plan does make a huge difference in your results. When I started applying some principles of planning my day, I was able to develop and start a rather complicated web site while I was busy learning for exams at school. Even though it may seem like planning daily activities is a bit off topic to home business, it will definitely affect the results you are getting.

  21. Alan Ashwood says

    It's YOUR FAULT. I had 'planned' to do three specific things tonight. 1. Write a chapter for my first information product; 2. One hour blog hopping, saying Hi to folks, and learning; and 3. Write three drafts for when I restart my blog (and new blog 'Crash Test for Dummies' coming soon . . .

    Then I found YOU, you evil person!

    You have such an excellent blog that I got drawn in. Excellent information, and a loyal following too. You must be doing something right, and more power to you.

    I have now commented on at least four posts - never done that before, and at 2.45am, I'm still reading.

    Guess what I haven't got done tonight? 1 - 2- 3.

    I need a 72 hour day. Still, glad I found you. Didnt get any further blog hopping though.

    Beware: You're bookmarked, and I'll be back!

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