Need Help Creating GREAT Digital Products?


Need some help and inspiration to create a Premium Product for your business, and finally get a high-converting funnel set up that gives your business a serious traffic & profit boost? Watch the FREE training I hosted this week!

Simple System To Create & Sell Products – Fast!

If the idea of creating your own product makes you break out in a cold sweat, or you've tried it and get frustrated with all the details and technical tasks, this is something you'll want to look at! Done-For-You templates, a checklist, and everything you need to create a profitable source of long-term revenue for your business! Plus an exclusive bonus to boot...

2015 Weekly Challenge: BIG Ambitious Goals!

What ONE big thing are you going to tackle in YOUR business this week? The goal is to set aside 30, 60 or 90 minutes at the same time every week and challenge yourself to do something seriously ambitious in your business...

Easy Goal Setting Exercise and FUN Challenge!

Make Things Happen!

I have a super easy goal setting exercise for you today, and a FUN challenge! I think you'll really enjoy it for it's simplicity - and the potential for amazing results...

Let’s Work Together! :-)

Lynn Terry of ClickNewz

I am looking for ONE person, brand or merchant to work with on a profitable advertising and exposure opportunity. There are a couple of other options to consider as well, if the main opportunity is not a good fit for you but you still need help getting a serious boost to your traffic & sales or revenue...

The Secret Sauce: A Game-Changer

Matt Bacak and Lee Collins

My mind was already spinning with ideas when I returned home from the event, but most of that was practical application: do this, do that, fix this, put that into place, etc. The Secret Sauce was exactly what I needed to really bring it all together, and take my business to the next level...

20 Simple Tasks That Increase Revenue Fast

Money Tasks

The habit of starting each day with a Money Task is what keeps my online business moving forward and consistently making money. The question came up this week: How do you define Money Tasks? GREAT question. I qualify mine in one of two ways...

Text Link Ads is now Matomy Media Group

selling ad space

If you've been around for awhile you may remember Text Link Ads. I worked with them myself several years ago. They've now rebranded to Matomy SEO Media Group and offer a variety of new solutions for both advertisers and publishers...

Simple Browser Tricks to Increase Productivity

Firefox and Chrome

I have two tricks I use with my browsers that are incredibly simple, but SO effective in terms of increasing your efficiency and productivity while working online. You're going to love these!